High-End Lookalikes

I do believe these may be some of my best Goodwill finds yet. Though, I’m not even sure I can make that claim because I have found so many good scores!


A (faux?) fur throw pillow for $2. I’ve seen in magazines and catalogs (including Pottery Barn’s or West Elm’s, I can’t remember) fur pillows seem to be a new trend.

Behind the pillow you get a glimpse of my even more exciting find:


A slipper chair in the perfect ikat pattern! I spent $60 on this chair which is *definitely* a splurge for me. I jumped on it, though, because I was 100% in love with the pattern, I’m pretty sure the chair is in new condition, and I knew I would probably never buy one down the road because they are just too pricey. After some quick pinterest searching, I found someone had pinned the same exact chair originally from Target (which I suspected). I can’t link to it because it is no longer on Target’s website, but according to the pin the sale price was $230.

I also found an almost exact chair (same fabric, different legs) from Urban Outfitters for $369. (<a href=”http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=20354130b&zmam=39923003&zmas=1&zmac=1&zmap=22839963&cm_mmc=Performics-_-Affiliates-_-rewardStyle-_-Primary&clickid=0004d7096b20fe2d0ae01443ff006ca6″>Link</a&gt;). I’m feeling very pleased with my $60 splurge. 🙂


I threw my fur pillow on top since I didn’t really have a home for it yet, but my husband has since commented he likes it there so there it shall stay (for now). Our living room is kind of tiny, especially since it somewhat doubles as our dining room, so I can’t work the chair into the layout quite as I’d like. For now it lives across from our love seat, next to our TV, and I think it works there. I like glimpsing it as I walk up the stairs, and it does the job of adding some print and color to our living room, while also offering extra seating when we have company.


Weekly Finds

Goodwill scores from this week:


A beautiful blue & ivory stoneware bowl. $3 tag, purchased for $2.10 during Goodwill’s happy hour sale (30% off housewares).


An acrylic wreath holder. A clearance item from Target, marked $1. Paid $0.70.



And the best of this week: a round tray (another clearance item from Target) in perfect condition for $7, paid $4.90.