DIY perfume sample organizer

Thanks to Sephora’s free samples with every purchase, I have been amassing quite the perfume sample inventory. I needed a good way to store and organize these samples, so I commissioned my hubby to create this for me using scrap wood and paint we already had lying around the house. What was supposed to be a quick and painless project was a little more involved than either one of us had anticipated because we discovered that not all perfume bottle samples are the same circumference, and worse yet, Joey didn’t have a drill bit that was a perfect fit. He ended up taking bits of veneer and using them to fill in the holes to make them a close fit. I’m pretty happy with the finished project, and I love being able to see my collection easily.





So thankful for 3 day weekends freeing up the time for this: al fresco dining complete with fresh squeezed lemonade, grilled shrimp & veggies, and Sam Cooke in the background… 🙂 Happy Memorial Day!