Vintage Postcard

Awesome find of the day: a vintage postcard from 1968 in one of our second-hand books. It has a 6 cent stamp with a picture of Franklin Roosevelt, and awesome artwork to boot. I love this kind of stuff. 🙂  Once again, I’m having problems with my images being a proper size (anyone know why I can’t get them larger? It has nothing to do with my camera settings, I’m sure.). The text says, “Ain’t we the cats, though? Happy Geburstag!” A quick google search told me that “Geburstag” is birthday in German.

007 008

Aaaand immediately following this find, the fail of the day: washing our computer mouse with our dirty laundry. Don’t even ask how that almost happened. 😉 It was realized post-detergent and the start of the cycle, but luckily early enough that our mouse is still working.

Happy Saturday!


Clearance Find: New Bag

While hitting up the post-Christmas sales, I stumbled across this bag at The Limited for only $40 (originally $78).


Normally I’d wait for the price to drop even further before buying, but since this was the last in the store and the clutch I had been eyeing earlier got snatched up before I hit the check out line, I knew it was worth jumping on. There’s so much to love about it: the size, the tone-on-tone pocket, the gold detailing, the strap/carrying options, and it vaguely reminded me of high-fashion bags I’ve seen while browsing blogs and pinterest. Speaking of which, I searched “bag styling” on pinterest and the first images to pop up were two Celine bags that look almost identical:

I’m thinking I lucked out! 🙂