Re-purpose This: Nail Polish Storage

I don’t have a true “before” picture because I came up with this idea before I began a blog, but would you believe that I found the perfect way to store/organize my nail polish from a chocolate container?!


This is the closest image from a google search to show what I started with. The detailing of the lid inspired me to hang onto the packaging:


Unfortunately, I soon discovered that it was impossible (tell me otherwise!) to get the label off. I then started thinking about ways I could use the bottom of the case. The case itself is acrylic, but the bottom is lined with paper, and on top of the paper is that thin/cheap kind of plastic, and that is what divided and held the chocolates in place. I removed the paper and left the plastic sheet on top of the case bottom, and eventually realized it was the perfect size for nail polish (depending on the brand; some fit better than others).



My desk is usually the place I paint my nails because browsing the internet is one of the few things I can do while my nails dry damage-free. This tray actually fits perfectly into one of the cubbies on my desk:


It’s super easy to slide out if I need to, and I can rearrange my nail polishes as needed and put my most frequently used polishes in the front row.


I’m in love with this quick fix because it fits my needs perfectly (previously I had my nail polishes lined up on the shelf, and I had to take them out or move them around to get to the ones I wanted), it’s “on trend” as acrylic storage is all the rage right now, and it was 100% free. My parents were gifted the chocolates from a co-worker and I claimed the packaging once it was empty.

What creative re-purposes of “trash” have you discovered lately? 🙂


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