Pottery Barn Advent Calendar Knock-Off

I’ve never really been one for advent calendars, but when I stumbled across this image, I couldn’t wait to create my own Pottery Barn-lookalike advent calendar with ornaments.

It’s a simple concept to execute, but as I wasn’t willing to shell out the big bucks for Pottery Barn’s linen board, the challenge was going to be finding/creating one of my own. I lucked out and found linen on clearance at Joann’s, but I was pretty stumped on what to do for the board since a standard size bulletin board was much too small. Finally, I came up with the idea to use cork squares, which ended up being the perfect solution. I hot glued the four cork squares together, then hot glued them to a 2 x 2 square of plywood (around $6 at Lowe’s). I then wrapped my fabric around the  board and hot glued it in the back. I bought the gift tags at Staple’s (Martha Stewart line), then printed out numbers and used a push pin to attach them to the gift tags. The ornaments hung perfectly off the push pins, and I’m very pleased with the final result!


Now that Christmas is over, I plan on relocating the board from the living room to the makeshift office/craft room and using it as an inspiration board.


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